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Swansea Christmas market

Nov 2019

For 7 weeks during November and December, the centre of Swansea was transformed into a winter wonderland, with the addition of 25 Christmas traders in their festive cabins. Oxford street became the Christmas hub of Swansea with a range of talented crafters, traders and delicious street food vendors offering a brilliant selection of unique gifts, tempting treats and beautiful decorations at the Swansea Christmas Market, along with a Santas grotto dispensing gifts to the local children.

There was also a cosy, festive bar and seating area offering the perfect opportunity to unwind with a mulled wine, a German craft beer or a delicious Kolle Kusse.

So, how do you power all of these vendors, whom all have various levels of electricity requirements? Thats where Total Sound Solutions came in. 

After successfully submitting a tender for the work, we started the process of “designing” the power for the market including which of our ultra quiet generators we would use to supply the power. We wanted to ensure that every vendor, had a safe, consistent and ample supply of power, to ensure that they could run their cabins up to 10 hours a day, during the 7 week period. It was also vital to ensure that every cable was supplied in a way which reduced the Health and Safety risk to the general public as well as anyone who came into contact with our installation.

Using the fabric of the city centre, we set about the install using the topographical surroundings and specially installed pole systems, ensuring that no cable was run along the ground at that every cable was above arms reach. Once each cabin had their required power, we also PAT tested every piece of electrical equipment in each cabin, to proactively solve any issues with faulty equipment, before they took place.

As well as conducting daily visits to ensure that everything was as it should, our qualified electrician, who signed off the installation, conducted a weekly check to make sure that everything was running safely. 

We also installed an outdoor speaker system, playing festive music during the opening hours of the market.

Once the market had finished for the season, we worked overnight on the final day, to ensure that there was the least amount of obstruction to the general public, reducing the health and safety risk once again. A fantastic market, safely supplied by Total Sound Solutions.


Thanks for the memories