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IPC Athletics European Championships 2014

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Swansea was chosen to host the 2014 IPC Athletics European Championships in 2014.  The BID was a joint venture between the Council & the University, comprising of an Opening Ceremony, Games themselves & a final Closing Ceremony.





With the help that all Nexo speakers are IP54 out of the box, leaving them outside for 2 weeks was not an issue, only the delightful Swansea weather stood in our way.


We provided Sound for the main games using Nexo GEOS12 stack off an LS18 Sub-Bass, these we enclosed on wooden cabinets to help protect them from the element of mother nature.  Nexo PS10 speakers were placed on the seating area and Sennheiser EW500 Wireless systems for the commentators.


The opening ceremony had choirs, bands, and the famous flag walking from all participating countries around the world.  We added a small stage and some monitors to the middle of the field and the event kicked off.


The Closing Ceremony was sited on the ground of the University Abbey Fields just across the road from the track.  We provided the stage, sound & lighting for an array of acts from acoustics artists and bands, with words from the organisers.


The event was a massive success for both Total Sound & the City of Swansea.

more information can be found at: http://www.paralympic.org/swansea-2014


Thanks for the memories