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Peppermint upgrade

Jan 2016

The popular Wind St. bar & club closed for a refurb in Jan for 3 weeks.  The main sound system underwent a small amplification and control upgrade.

The old cloud vtx amplifiers were replaced with Crown XTI series amplifiers and the main control saw the old green soundwebs replaced with new BLU-100 soundwebs.

The speakers we relocated around the new room layout and additional JBL control 26c ceiling speaker were added to the new VIP booths and entrance.

The control for the system is now done via a custom iPad contorl using Harman Motion Control to link to the BLU-100 soundwebs.

2x BLU-100 Soundwebs
11x Crown XTI4000 Amplifiers
3x JBL Control 26x Ceiling Speakers
iPad Motion Control

Thanks for the memories